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I'll be ordering local meats (beef, pork and chicken), eggs, dried shiitake mushrooms, Maine sea salt and select other items on a monthly basis.  If you would like to join me so that I place one bulk order for all of us, please complete the order form below.  To join the mailing list, please email me at  Many thanks.  Your orders really help our local producers.

How does on-line ordering work?

I'll send an email each month (usually toward the end of the month) to let you know the deadline for ordering.

Simply complete the on-line order form below and hit "submit."  I'll send a confirmation email and will be in touch with you about delivery/pick up options. 

Every dollar you spend this way is a vote in favor of a local, nutritious, and clean food supply that will help build a local food economy here in Rockbridge County.

Tara's monthly buying group order form

This form requires a password, please enter that password to continue:

Who grows/raises your food?

Farm To You is pleased to be working with this great group of local producers and purveyors!  Producers will be joining us as guests from time to time -- stay tuned for dates!

A Bowl of Good, Katrina Didot and Rachael Dorsey, Harrisonburg (vegan soup, chile and stew)

Bells Valley Farm, Calvin and Jason Stoltzfus, Goshen (non-GMO pastured pork; non-GMO eggs from pastured hens; non-GMO feed grown on the farm; cow shares also available)

Bombolini Pasta, John and Lolita Kreckman, Richmond (fresh & dried pasta; marinara sauce)

Charis Eco-Farm, Sue and Guy Freesen, Staunton (chicken, produce)

Dixon Hill Farm, Tracey Smith-Oliver, Rockbridge Baths (produce, dried flower arrangements)

Dutch Hollow Farm, Raphine, Butch Snow and Melody Tennant (100% grass-based beef)

Falcon's Rest Farm, Fey Stang, Lexington (apples)

Fancy Hill Plants, Dave Frazier, Lexington (butternut squash; mums)

Farmstead Ferments, Dawn Story, Charlottesville (raw fermented kimchi, krauts, kraut juice, water kefir sodas)

Glass View Farm, Teresa and Marshall Glass, Natural Bridge Station (certified Berkshire pork; lamb)

Harvest Thyme Herb Farm, Deirdre and Phil Armstrong (dried herbs and herb blends; specialty produce)

Lynn and Forrest Hobbs, Nelson County (sweet potatoes and cutting boards)

Hudson Henry Baking Co., Hope Lawrence, Palmyra (Good News Granola)

Kohl Family Farm, Spencer & Elizabeth Kohl, Fancy Hill (goat meat; pork)

Little Hat Creek Farm, Heather Coiner and Ben Stowe (artisanal breads, produce, eggs)

Mountain View Farm Products, Christie and Fred Huger, Fairfield (butter, cheese)

MV's Best Peanuts, Mary Vaden, Red Bank, New Jersey (gourmet Virginia cocktail peanuts)

No-Bull Burger (Oh My Gosh... Yum! LLC)(vegetarian burgers, also served at Pure Eats in Lex)

On the River Farm, Dave Peters, Millboro (shiitake mushrooms)

Paradox Farm, Mitch and Cindy Wapner, Lexington (certified organic & certified naturally grown produce; jams, applesauce, syrups)

Pettijohn's Orchard, Karen and Dennis Pettijohn, Raphine (chestnuts, chestnut puree, chestnut desserts, gooseberry and grape jams)

Planet Earth Diversified, Mike Clark, Standardsville (specialty salad greens and herbs; pesto; cream pops)

Sharondale Farm, Mark Jones, Keswick (mushrooms)

Sideway Farm, Steve Richards, Natural Bridge (produce)

Soothing Herbals, Chin Velasquez, Goshen (herbal body care products)

Southernmost Maple Products, Bolar (maple syrup)

Sunflower Flats Farm, Lexington, Jo and Steve Parent (produce)

Two Farmers & Jo, Cat Keller & Chad & Jo the dog, Lexington (produce)

Virginia Vinegar Works, Steph and Jay Rostow, Nelson County (red & white wine vinegar made from Virginia wines; malt vinegar made with Starr Hill beer)

Whistle Creek Apiaries, Garrett Moore, Lexington (honey; honey comb; creamed honey) 


This is the old Farm To You order form. It is no longer active. Want to continue to buy the local beef, pork, chicken and eggs you used to get from Farm To You? Please use the order form further up the page. Thanks!

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