Winter Market at Farm to You.

SUMMER MARKET SEASON:  winding down!

(The summer season ends on October 23; subscriptions are no longer being accepted)

What subscribers say ..."Farm To You has been an easy way for me to feed my family locally grown food all year long. I love the convenience of ordering on-line. I can plan meals around food that is available, and it's quick and easy to pick up my order every week. I spend much less time in the grocery store looking for good food!" Anne

Shop on-line for your local food!  It's convenient, efficient, and fun.  Order just what you want, when you want.

Order from an extensive menu of locally grown, raised and made food products, including:  pantry goods (granola,Virginia vinegars, honey, jams, applesauce, syrups, pasta); frozen products (pasta sauces, ravioli, pesto, soups, No-Bull Veggie burgers (served at Pure Eats); refrigerated items (butter, cheese, grass-based milk, yogurt, half & half, cream, eggs, krauts, kimchi, kraut juices, water kefir sodas); and meats (grass-fed beef, heritage pork, lamb, chicken); and, finally, all manner of produce

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Please join me in eating locally and supporting our farmers and local economy!


Farm To You is the region's only all local food grocer, open to everyone at our retail location across from Kenney's in Lexington.  Farm To You also offers the convenience of on-line shopping for customers who subscribe to that service!  The Summer Market Season of on-line ordering is in full swing -- see the sidebar for further information.

Shop Hours 

Tuesday - Friday, 2:00 to 5:00

DAIRY ORDERS. Next Yogurt and dairy orders are due by midnight on Tuesday, October 6, for delivery on Tuesday, October 13.  Anyone may place a dairy order To order, please email Tara.


What's available now? 

There is an abundance of greens in the shop now, and all Winter long.  Planet Earth baby greens -- arugula, kale, mustard, spinach, sorrel, tatsoi, watercress -- are available year round!  We've also got lettuce mix, cooking greens, and herbs this time of year, from right here in Rockbridge County, thanks to our local greenhouse and hoop house growers.  In addition to produce, we've got a freezer full of local meats (grass fed and finished beef; pork; lamb), cheeses, dairy, butter, eggs, krauts, pasta, vinegar, honey, granola, marinara sauce, pesto, and more.    So, if you're still supporting industrial agriculture, try shifting some of your food dollars toward supporting our community and our farmers by buying locally sourced foods.  


Conveniently located. 

  Farm To You is in town on Waddell Street across from Kenney's. Get Directions


Why Local?

A community-based food supply benefits us all by re-connecting us with the source of our food, supplying us with fresh, nutritious food that has not traveled for thousands of miles, and bringing money into our economy. Did you know that if each household in Rockbridge County spent just $10 a week on locally produced food, it would translate into $5.5 million of revenue for our county?  For more resources, please visit Rockbridge Grown.

Looking for organic?

Farm To You strives to work with growers who do not use synthetic chemicals on their crops, and with producers who do not administer hormones or antibiotics to their animals.  Unless otherwise indicated in the product notes, the products meet these criteria.